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The Complete and Centralized Solution upon Management of All Field Assets

The Go.to platform allows full management of the entire field operation. Through monitoring and control of fleet, cargo, and field teams, the company bears the control and mobility of its entire team in a single location.

Through mobile devices on the market and based on an integrated platform, the Go.to suite offers interactivity with field professionals through customized service orders for each process within the company.

Operating Efficiency

  • Expand company operations to the field through mobile devices

Fleet Control

  • Allow fleet management with focus on costs and operating efficiency control


  • Make available mechanisms that provide safety to drivers through sensors, trackers, telemetry modules, cameras, and other equipment

The Complete and Centralized Solution upon Management of All Field Assets

The go.to Enterprise solution centralizes in a single solution the full management of all assets and field operations on-line and integrated with the company’s legacy systems.

It is possible to efficiently control field operations and use of resources involved in the operation through several onboard tools.

Fleet and Services Control:

  • Real position of assets
  • Road travelled
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Routing

Operating Costs Reduction

  • Speeding tickets reduction
  • Idle fleet index reduction
  • Fuel costs reduction

Multiple Location

  • Possibility to locate more than one vehicle, regardless of the state or region.
  • Speed and ignition indicators on main panel


  • Map
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid
  • Terrain

Customizable alarms

  • Speed alarm
  • Stopped vehicle time alarm
  • Storage location alarm
  • Vehicle on for over x minutes with no speed alarm

In the Central Applicative, the information can be extracted in on-line reports through filters.

Driver ID Report

Hour Load Report

  • Date
  • Driver/Technician
  • Entry
  • Idle Time
  • Out
  • Overtime Entry
  • Overtime Exit
  • Total hours worked

Vehicle Management: Fleet vehicles record – information for management and characteristics of each vehicle.

Management of Fines: Register of traffic violations incurred by fleet vehicles.

Ordens de Campo via Smarphone

Integration Office – Field in Real Time

Work Flow is a powerful tool of the go.to platform to carry out field orders. Totally integrated with the central solutions, it allows configuration of different types of orders and onboard processes in a single device for different user profiles.

The tool allows convergence of several processes of the company in a single platform with open communication between central and the performer.

Intelligence upon Decision Making

The Business Intelligence module of the go.to platform offers consolidated and real time information of hundreds of indicators of the operation and fleet, assisting the manager upon decision making. Complex information can be handled via a tool of easy use and totally integrated wit the platform.

  • Managerial Indicators in Different Visions
  • Instantaneous Complex Information
  • Several Dynamic Dashboards
  • Web Access

Technology in Software, Timely Response on the Field

The go.to platform bears sundry market devices. Such diversity allows understanding the most varied demands and particularities of each business with total integration to the central systems.

  • Vehicular and Personal Trackers
  • Tablets
  • PDA’s
  • Driver Identifiers via RFID
  • Cameras
  • Speed Governors
  • Cellular and Satellite Modems
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